Broadcasts from the Edge of the Horizon -The Beacon

Myself and Dawn Scarfe are re-visiting the themes we explored during our 2015 collaboration at TOPOS; taking a very special tree as a starting point to look at the ways Exeter’s city dwellers relate to the surrounding countryside. Specifically we are exploring the frictions between the idea of the city’s horizon as a distant dream and a journey experienced.

The Beacon  is a three part project – a guided walk to Exeter’s horizon, led by contributing artist Phil Smith, May 7th, 10am,  a performance on the Horizon, remotely controlled by members of the public from Rougemont Gardens, Exeter, May 13th, 2017, 12.30-2pm, and a 12 hour slow radio broadcast, online and on the the local community radio station phonic fm, May 13th, 10pm – May 14th,10am. Visit the TOPOS website for more information

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