Window – 2 channel video projection with sound, approx. 10mx 3m, 2013.

Produced in collaboration with electro-accoustic composer Dr John Drever, as part of Blind Ditch’s This City’s Centre project. Over the summer months of 2013, I interviewed 39 Exeter city centre residents and documented the views from their windows on HD video. Recorded conversations about those views formed the audio track for the installation. Window is a meditation on the complex boundaries and varied relationships between domestic and public spaces in the city. Up to 18 simultaneously displayed vistas collide and orchestrate the city through the eyes of its residents, offering unique access to angles and elevations that would otherwise be inaccessible to a general public. Interviews and films served as source materials for the development of the successive parts of the project, the interactive map Linger and the performance Here, Now. Some participants were recruited through our street intervention 5 Minutes Dreaming.

Exhibited at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery, 2013


Artist’s talk with  Professor John Wylie (University of Exeter) at RAMM.

comprehensive archive of the full length interviews is on the project website.


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