Any High Street

Any High Street, tryptich 2012.  Woodcut on kozo paper, mounted on illuminated perspex 3x 2.44mx1.24m

Detail from the Noon plate, printed in sections

The printing corner as part of the exhibition space. Commisioned sections are marked out on the printing plate in the foreground.

The 3 large scale woodcuts depict detailed scenes of Exeter’s High Street at different times of day and night. The imagery was taken from video films, drawings and photography. Any High Street documents the generic in the locale and the radical changes many inner city spaces undergo over the course of any given 24 hours. The exhibition environment is an active and social space. Members of the public commission sections of the plates for print. In doing so they acquire a copy of each commission, another copy will be mounted on the glass plates. Participants become shareholders of the idea and patrons, they pay for the coming together of the artwork and its dissemination.

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